Sustainable Web Design in Singapore

What is a sustainable web design?

Sustainable web design is the practice of designing websites in such a way that less energy is used. Several companies in Singapore, notably MMC, have requested to incorporate the concept of sustainable web design into their website development to support their eco-friendly initiatives in support of climate change. You can explore more details of web designing in Singapore via htps://

The building blocks for sustainable web design

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The easier it is to find content, the fewer pages users have to load to find information. This means that fewer requests are placed on the server and unnecessary page elements – such as photos and videos, which consume a lot of bandwidth – also don’t load. These small energy savings add up over time.


Page stability and speed go hand in hand. When your website works more efficiently, you use less computing power, which means your website uses less energy and has a smaller carbon footprint. Your customers expect the content they want to be delivered instantly, and effective pages load faster, reduce your site’s dropout rate and keep customers engaged and happy.


Sustainable design is efficient and affordable. Creating a good experience for both mobile and desktop users will increase accessibility by making it easier for users to access your website regardless of their hardware. Mobile web design also lets you avoid downloading huge assets for desktop computers, which increases the speed and energy efficiency …