Grow Beauty Of Your Event With Paper Straw

Striped paper straws are very common nowadays. They are made of paper and are available in a variety of bright colors. In the past, plastic straws were used. They cannot be reused and are therefore only stockpiled when thrown away.

The demand for paper straw grows and the supply eventually follows the demand. These eco friendly straws are now easily available and can be used to enhance the beauty of various events and parties which are mentioned below.

paper straws

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Company events

Paper straws can be used at corporate events as one of the most popular ways to promote a business. Company logos and slogans can be placed on it. This will not only grab people's attention, but will also eliminate the need to spread verbal information about the company. 

This is a unique way of advertising and branding. Its use can be considered a non-investment marketing strategy. During the event, they are assumed to be on a budget, which means the company will advertise for free. Straws are best for a variety of locations such as restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, or sporting events.


The striped paper straw can enhance the beauty of events and parties. The presence of a set of straws of a rich, bright color can match any party decor. They can be synchronized with the theme of the party. They can be used at events such as birthdays, weddings, business parties, retirement, baby showers and many more.