Paul Stamets’ Protocol: What Is It, And What Can It Do For You?

Paul Stamets is an autodidactic mycologist, researcher, and author. He was a prominent figure in the mushroom community who rose to prominence after combing through the growing Bible with "Mushroom Cultivator" and "Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation." 

This manual describes in detail every element of fungal growth from substrate preparation to incubation and sterility techniques. Paul Stamets microdose is a fine product that became popular in the Fungi world. It is to determine the nature of the mushrooms and their network resembles the internet, and how they were the first life forms to land. 

In some of his groundbreaking discoveries, Stamets describes how the cordyceps fungus can be used as an alternative to pesticides while other species can ingest the oil. This paradigm shift collection of information first introduced many to mycology and promoted Stamets as a figure in the field.

The protocol is around a nootropic vitamin consisting of niacin, lion's mane sponge, and the main prodrug in magic mushroom psilocybin. Stamets calls this the formula for regulating epigenetic neurogenesis.

Mycologists were asked to develop the mix because of the tremendous increase in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. It speculated that the chemical combination might be useful in treating PTSD and regenerating auditory and visual neurons. 

Stacks can potentially be used to expand a cognitive function and enhance creativity in healthy individuals.