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Pink Himalayan salt is rock salt mined in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in northern India. Its name was derived from the Sanskrit term "hyadeshara" which means "mountain salt". It has come to be known as Pink Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt. This type of rock salt is often used in India for many of its purposes. It's most well known for its use as a cooking and baking seasoning, however it is also used for its aesthetic qualities and has been for many centuries. Himalayan pink salt is now available in the United States and in European countries.

Himalayan pink salt is mountain salt mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan, formerly known as the Himalayan region. Traditionally this region was part of India, however in the recent past, it has become a popular tourist destination and is in fact one of the seven traditional states in Pakistan. The salt is mined largely from beneath the Himalayan Mountains. The deposits are located in four countries India, Pakistan, Tibet, and Nepal.

Himalayan pink sea salt mined in India, is considered the salt of the Gods. Legend has it that the Goddess of healing could heal those who sought her aid by bathing in the sacred water from the river Ganga. Today this salt is popular for its beauty as well as the healing properties it contains. Himalayan pink sea salt mined in India is considered an ideal natural health treatment that can help treat skin disorders such as eczema and dandruff. …