You Need a Fence but You Don’t Know Where to Start?

Mark the areas where you want to be fenced in and stake every 6 to 8 feet along the line. Make sure the bets are perfectly aligned and the distance between bets is the same. You can be sure that your post is in a perfectly straight line by stretching the rope from the corner post to the corner post and placing a bet under the string.

When you are ready to dig a hole for your post, remember that the hole must be deeper than the freezing line. And each hole is big enough for the posts and cement you need to anchor the fence and make it last. You can also take professional help to get the ‘best frost fence via’ (also known as ‘meilleure clture contre le gel via’ in the French Language).

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Start with the final post or callable corner post. Since every hole in the post has been dug, make sure the post matches the newest post. These posts must be fixed very firmly until the cement hardens.

It can take a few days or more for the cement to harden sufficiently. Fences can be installed. The board should be secured with screws, not nails. The taps you make to secure the planks with nails can loosen the ladder and damage your railings. Over the years, the nails in the board will loosen and let the fence hang while the screws hold the board securely.