Fixing Foundation Cracks That Leak When It Rains

For the most part, cracks in the concrete walls of basements do not affect the house or foundation. In some cases, cracks will appear on the walls when exposed to outside water. Water moves in the path of least resistance so that it can enter the basement through a gap in the cellar wall.

With the fixing foundations through, the leak in the wall could become a real nuisance and cause significant damage. Cracks that leak in walls can be repaired and made waterproof. An inexpensive way to get rid of leaky gaps in walls is to inject a special material and process it into the gaps that cover the walls and prevent water from entering.

Before repairing cracks, it is important to identify the source or origin of the water leak. Often the cause is a misdirected drainage channel or a clogged gutter. If the land outside the flat or it is too high, the water will be directed to the basement so that water can penetrate any gaps.

Draining water from the home or repairing a damaged bottom drain should be the home owner's first step. Once an external water source is identified, the focus can be shifted to the gaps inside. 

A series of tiny injection holes are made in the wall along the crack. If the crack is very solid, small holes will be drilled in the crack to allow material to enter.