Know More About Pay Per Play Advertising

The ad performance is measurable and can be targeted by demographics, psychographics and geographic location. Are you looking for residual income? Pay Per Play can add residual streams of income to your bank account.

This is advertising that will pay you on 100% of your website traffic. Pay Per Play ads are destined to become the preferred income method for webmasters over the coming months. For more information about digital marketing please visit my blog at

Pay Per Play Advertising

Pay per play advertising aims to become the world’s largest advertising medium by far and according to pay per play sources, they say they are closing after just 3 weeks.

PPP operates on a bid management system similar to Google AdWords and compensates publishers (web site owners) in the same way as Google AdSense.

We are talking about a new platform with good potential and all indicators are predicting that it is ready to rock the Internet.

Will it become as big as PPC and does it have the potential to take a larger slice of the PPC and CPM market? Only time will tell because history always decides. It seems that Pay on Play will become one of the most memorable and profitable full-scale launches in the history of ecommerce.

Pay per Play administrators are offering a solution for leading advertisers to reach their audience through a large listening network. The cost of pay per play ads will run on an automated bid management system similar to Google AdWords.