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Pizzas are foods that are high in calories. Even though it is considered a complete food, with carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and fat, a person's health is at stake. Even though the food is unhealthy, people still love the smell of melted cheese and the hot ingredients.

So many restaurants serve the yummiest and most delicious pizzas.  They also offer a menu to select toppings in pizza in there website. The specialness of the dish is that no matter how you eat it, organic or the unhealthy way, there are so many toppings that people from and put on their pizzas.


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The basic ingredients that have remained constant as bread base, tomato sauce and cheese, but even these elements have been enhanced by restaurants in various countries.

The restaurants make sure their customers get pizzas hot and fresh. They should not be disappointed and should not lose them or get a bad reputation. They make sure their customers are happy and satisfied. A pizza can be served as snacks and can be eaten at any time of the day for either lunch, dinner or breakfast.

The dish can be eaten either hot or cold. It can be eaten with a glass of chilled beer, aerated drinks, salads and garlic bread. Kids often look forward to eating a pizza at birthday parties, picnics and school and college functions. People never get bored with the dish. It smells of melted cheese and hot ingredients make a person's mouth water and stomach growl for more.

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