Tap Dancing is for Everyone


Tap dancing is for all. It is not just a fun activity for you but also benefits you in many ways. It gives you strength, coordination and flexibility of body and mind.

You do not need anything else than shoes and a floor. You can learn to tap dance by personal classes from an instructor or by a tap dance video featuring a step-by-step methodology.

Most of us are not ale to take time out of our busy schedules and go for tap dancing classes. For such people, a pet DVD set of dance moves can solve the problem by providing the comfort of time convenience.

You can opt for your personal DVD or a personal trainer in the market or over the internet. Many web portals offer you DVD packs featuring tap dance videos by professionals in easy ways to learn and remember. is an online retail outlet for you all who always wanted to learn tap dancing. We provide you easy to learn a tap dance lesson that does not require you to visit a live class for learning dance the American style. Order a set of DVDs (featuring tap dance video) for yourself and experience a fun and easy way to a ‘fitter you’.

They understand that you might be very busy all this while and still are that you cannot join tap dance classes. But you can still learn how to tap dance and that too as per your free time right in your living room.

Now, is the time to do what you always wanted to. As it is said, there is no age for learning anything. So order a beginner level DVD set for yourself today and strengthen on your basic tap dancing techniques in just 95 minutes.

Level2- intermediate
Do you already know the basics?? Have you already been before to tap dance classes? This level is for you to work on your steps and dance with beats on a faster tempo in just 85 minutes. This one will be hassle free and background comment free for you to focus on your moves. Go ahead, order it today to impress that girl you always liked.

Advanced tap dance lessons consist of the most popular and demanded steps for you to learn. Each step is described in various versions and simple tips to remember them easily. Learn how to tap dance better in only 70 minutes.

Best collections
This DVD is best suited for you if you have been to tap dance classes before and want to learn some new and cool moves. You can learn the steps in broken down in various counts and rehearsals with both the feet. Learn to tap dance in just 85 minutes.

What is tap dance without a tapping sound? They understand your need of a tap dance floor. You do not have to go shopping for it anywhere else. They provide portable tap dancing floors in two sizes for your tap dancing needs. Go tapping now.


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