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The materials used to make dental veneers are porcelain or composite resin. However, dentists and patients usually prefer porcelain veneers because they can withstand tooth stains better than resin composites. 

Another reason it was chosen first that it gave the teeth a natural look and feel. Resin veneers are even thinner than porcelain veneers and do not require significant tooth extraction. Ultimately, it is up to your dentist to decide which veneer will work best for you.

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The problem is solved with veneers

Our mouths are prone to many dental problems. Some of these are prescribed medications, but some problems, such as periodontal disease and similar gum disease, may require dental surgery. When it comes to veneers, they are used to fix problems like -. Tooth discoloration, Worn teeth, etc.

Methods for obtaining dental veneers

You will need to visit the dentist three times to complete the veneer successfully. The first trip will be a consultation and analysis of your teeth. The second and third will be to make and finally apply the veneer.

Dental veneers or porcelain veneers offer the following advantages:

• Gives a natural look to your teeth.

• Gum tissue absorbs porcelain veneers fairly easily.

• Resistant to stains.

• You can choose a veneer color to make it look like your teeth.


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