Mucho Swing are based in the heart of rural Indiana. We are a well-established dance organisation lead by me Jesus Rodriguez.

My own relationship with dancing is a long and exciting one. I’ve had a life in dancing since I was 7 years of age – I was a competitor of the highest level.

– 13 Times Indiana Amateur Champion
– Member of both local & regional Competing Dance Teams
– Competitor at World Amateur & Professional Level

I have enjoyed success around the USA and beyond; with victories in Belgium, Holland, Mexico, Cuba, Hong Kong, Italy, Former Yugoslavia & China.

As the Principal Instructor at Mucho Swing I work on a personal-level alongside a small team of dedicated staff to deliver a wide-variety of style Salsa, swing, Jazz and Latin classes and workshops to different types of people.

My Manageress Eleanor Estefan is a graduate of the Mucho Swing Dance Club having been with us since the age of 4. Her vast experience and depth of personal interest ensures she is a well-equipped instructor for both children and adults alike, across different levels and styles. Her personal connection with dancing is evident in the delivery and her own teaching techniques have produced excellent results.

Alongside my staff I would offer you a warm welcome to join us at Mucho Swing. Our clientele involves a wide range of people – from those in both amateur and professional competition, many who have spent time away from the floor, to those who are looking to get started for the very first time. Visit our contact page and get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.